Certified Technologists

The employees amnd consultants who represent Infocon are all experienced and talented professionals. We validate the applicable knowledge and hands-on skills of our support team by requiring technical staff members to successfully complete training and certification in courses designed by the leaders in the tech industry, including:

MicroSoft, Amazon, Oracle, Red Hat, Cisco, IBM, SANS and ISACA.

Our software engineers create, maintain, and manage software applications developed for standalone and enterprise scale operations. On a day-to-day basis our talented team of software engineers ensure active programs run smoothly by updating programs, eliminating bugs, and creating new features to meet and exceed the growing needs of clients.

Leadership roles include managing server-side processes and designing artificial intelligence applications to meet specified project goals. We regularly develop software code in various languages inluding Java, Python and .NET to operate efficiently in meeting platform requirements for financial networks, ecommerce systems and enterprise scale information systems.

The out-sourced and imbedded programmers assigned to short-term scrum projects are responsible for creating the functional applications designed by software engineers. These experienced specialists are skilled in requisite knowledge areas and create operational code to meet the requirements and data schema outlined at the onset of adopted projects.

During these stages of rapid development, programmers will successfully accomplish their goals of analyzing that the IT needs of an organization is being met through the design, testing and improvement of internal and external software resources.

We systematically assign skilled and experienced technicians to provide hands-on repairs and scheduled maintenance to corporate and public sector technology resources. Daily responsibilities extend to building or configuring new fileserver deployments, installing and updating software packages, and creating and maintaining the physical footprint of computer networks.

Our technicians routinely service clients that host wide-area networks from secure data centers by troubleshooting latency and performance issues in virtualized network operation centers. Through these predictive methods of threat assessment, our certified technicians can quickly identify and isolate a problem area and replace affected equipment to restore superior performance levels.

By actively monitoring our client's computer networks, system analysts are essential members of the Infocon support team striving to supply "best in class" customer service and technical support. Serving as digital investigators, analysts document technology systems in order to understand, change, improve, and help rebuild these resources.

In providing protection against malware, zero-day exploits and advanced persistent threats directed towards all connected points of client's networks, analysts are able to quantify accurate threat profiles of digital landscapes and critical client resources.